About Us

Our vision for Mahali is to combine the things that also unite us as a couple. That means we want Mahali to be a place that is suitable for both romantic retreats and athletic, adrenaline-filled holidays.


Most of our crew is Muslim but there are also Christians. They also represent a variety of native tribes. That means we always have a holiday to celebrate. Eid Mubarak and Merry Christmas!

Local suppliers

We want Mahali to be an integral part of the local economy, all of our suppliers are from Zanzibar.


A good laughter is always welcome, that’s why we have fun outings with the Mahali family twice a year. We believe that if our family is happy it will show through in our service to you.


Bike tour in the Alps

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Boat ride in Oceania

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Skydiving in Dominicana

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