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Zanzibar and Covid-19

From the 6th of June, Zanzibar has opened its borders to all travellers, enabling Zula to welcome you back. In the summer we took our changes to make Zula even more beautiful.

As we have enough space on our property, and everything is outside, we are prepared for the COVID-19 regulations.

How is zanzibar?

On Zanzibar everything is back to normal again. The tourists are back. It’s not as busy yet as normal, but you are more than welcome to explore Zanzibar.


We strive for safety: Yours and Ours. Therefore we take all regulations and try our level best to maintain our hygiene standards.


We know for sure, Ethiopian Airlines and Qatar Airways have resumed their flights to Tanzania/Zanzibar. 


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There are several hospitals in Stone Town where you can take your Covid-19 test if needed to go back to your country.


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